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Speaking Test MUET

Assalamualaikum and good morning.  Actually I'm done with speaking test MUET.  I'm the first group for the speaking test in this morning.  I feel nervous and scared because I'm not prepared anything.  

I got the topic about the sportsman to attain success and my point is to have financial support from the sponsor.  Ya Allah, I got some topic that bit difficult to me to explain about it.  Seriously I can't do that.  Others candidate that same group with me do very well because they get some point that easy to elaborate.  I feel so sad and unsatisfied because I can't do better in the speaking test.  I'm not prepared anything.  My mind blank at this time.  Seriously I can't see the light.

Maybe what my mom said it's true.  I can't focus on my study because of some people that always blame me and always hurt my heart.  I can't to be agree, sad and stress because of that my study become worst.  I must to leave them that always want to hurt me.  

Now, I must to focus on my study.  Leave all things that can make me stress.  Enjoy my life.  Enjoy my study.  No need to think about others.  Life must go on.  Thanks to all my family members and my friends because always give me support and make me happy when I stress and feel unhappy with some person.  

p/s - I'm not good in English but I must to try speak in English and write in English.  Maybe someone feels that is very annoying because write in English but i want to improve my English.  Sorry if my English is not better than you.  I'm still learn to use English in writing and speaking.

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